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About Me

Richard Cruz Jr


Thank you for visiting my site. I started my photography career over 20 years ago working in the only photo retouching studio in San Diego, CA.  I retouched and rescued poor or damaged images for just about every photographer, model, modeling agency, TV network and advertising agency in town. This was before the existence of digital cameras.


I began shooting on medium format film and progressed to a digital back when the technology had matured. When it comes to product photography I have shot professionally for jewelry, instrument, electronic and medical supply manufacturers for decades. I have shot a number of celebrities in the studio and in performance including Joe Walsh, William Shatner, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, The Monkees, Motley Crue and the list goes on. I have also shot models for fashion in both studio and outdoor settings.

The natural evolution of photography to video director and producer occurred almost a decade ago. I have produced, directed and scripted countless videos for product demos, product announcements, TV commercials and more. My website features my video work.

I am also a life-long musician and I own and operate a recording studio and small record label. Being a musician has enabled me to relate and become friends with many of the musicians I have photographed over the years.

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